Farmersville Intermediate School

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FAQs for Title I

 What is Title I?
Title I is a federally funded program to support struggling students and help them meet grade level performance standards.
How does this help my child?
Your child will receive small group instruction in math.  It is basically the same lesson the classroom teacher is teaching, except it is in a small group setting.  We will be practicing all basic math operations, as well as state assessment practice.  I firmly believe in a hands-on approach to learning.
How often will my child be attending?
Title I Math classes meet every day for 30 minutes.
How are Title I classes determined?
Students who attend Title I classes are determined based on previous state assessments, classroom assessments, grade level assessments, teacher based recommendations, and parent requests.
Can my child exit the program?
Students are assessed and reviewed throughout the school year and can be moved in and out as needed.